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    formula to match first 3 letters of text in two fields

    Ann-Marie Massenberg

      I'm comparing two lists of names. Both lists have last name and first name. But List B has many people with the same last name as List A, but not the same first name.


      Here is the result I'm looking for:


      List A and List B Last Name     List A - First Name    List B - First Name   Result

      Jones                                        Nancy                         Nancy C                     Nancy

      Smith                                        Jon                              Jonathan                   Jon

      Davis                                         Emily                           Emily                         Emily

      Clarke                                        Jane                             Cathy                       


      I've been playing with Filters, but I think that I will need a formula and am not sure what the formula should be. I'm thinking that it should compare List B First Name against List A  First name and return only those records where the first three letters of List B First Name exactly match the first three letters of List A First Name.


      I appreciate any help you can provide.