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    Union All Server Guidelines (# of files)

    Jeff Bloomfield

      Wondering if anyone has seen any guidelines around the number of files that can be reasonably unioned together on Tableau Server v10.1?


      We recently had an extract published that was doing an Excel wildcard union of six sub-directories on a shared drive, and each sub-directory had approximately 15 files of 20k records each (90 total files). When the extract refresh kicked off it was taking a long time to load, and eventually the server starting running out of memory (8 core 64Gb box).  We noticed a LARGE number of protocol Server sessions on Tableau server, and I am assuming that was Tableau pulling in those individual files in order to union them all together, as once we disabled that extract the issues we were experiencing went away.


      I recognize that unioning 90 files on server is probably not recommended (and we are working to consolidate them), but was wondering if there are any general recommendations out there around what would be a reasonable number? Was planning on doing some benchmarking but figured I would check with the community.