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    Calculation error

    Andrew Morgan

      Hi Tableau Experts,


      I need your help.


      I have a table that shows current month,previous month, previous year same month, and % change in values. I have a measure selector and year-month selector depending on that my view will change. Here we are just counting number of customer id. When I select customer count, it shows the correct values..


      Now when I change the measure selector to Customer share (countd(cust_id)/ total(count(cust_id)) , shows incorrect result.


      Here is the calculation that I am using.

      For each metric selection we are just counting customer id. Third and fourth statements are not giving me the desired result.  I cannot share the data due to security reasons.


      Please tell me how to fix this issue Jonathan Drummey Simon Runc Yuri Fal


      Appreciate your help.


      Thanks in advance.