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    Tabcmd user set up for Tableau Server 10.3.1 with SAML authentication (OKTA)

    Laura Romanschi

      Hi everyone.


      Can you help me set up a tacmd user to login and run a script, for example refresh extracts uprong a ETL job completion? Does the user need to be set up in OKTA and on the Windows server as well?

      I am not able to enable the tabcmd user correctly. I have read:


      "Note: When you use the tabcmd login command, you cannot use SAML single sign-on (SSO), even if the server is configured to use SAML. To log in, you must pass the user name and password of a user who has been created on the server. You will have the permissions of the Tableau Server user that you're signed in as. For more information, see Set Users’ Site Roles and Content Access and Ownership."


      This is the basic script I am trying to run that uses tabcmd to refresh an extract:


      cd "C:\Tabcmd\extras\Command Line Utility"

      tabcmd login -s http://localhost  -t Sales -u jsmith -p p@ssw0rd!
      tabcmd login -s http://sales-server -t Sales -u administrator -p p@ssw0rd!
      tabcmd refreshextracts --project Default --datasource "MyDataExtract"

      (Source: https://community.tableau.com/thread/126167)


      Thank you in advance.