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    Summing up of values before & after specific dates

    Suneesh Sunny

      Hi Tableau team,

                                 Can someone help me to create a formula or relevant LOD expression to sum up claim values that needs to be split before and after specific dates. I am attaching a copy of my sample worksheet and the requirement is explained in detail as below.



      1) Sheet 'Projects & dates' contains unique project numbers with respective 'Fix Implementation Date'. This date illustrates when the corrective action was in place.


      2) Sheet 'Warranty Data' that are warranty claims against respective projects with 'Claim Paid Date'. There can be multiple claims against one specific project that may occur before, after or both before & after the 'Fix Implementation Date'.


      My intention is to audit the effectivity of the corrective action for unique projects, therefore need to evaluated the warranty claims made before & after the respective 'Fix Implementation Date'.


      Can someone help?


      Thanks in advance