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    [Calculated Fields]: Using Calculation to Explain Holes in Data

    Tyler Betthauser

      Hello all,


      I am working with a system that assigns parts to buckets called reviews. There is a functionality that allows us to merge buckets in order to combine the parts from two buckets to make one big bucket. The hard thing is that for each change of of status to a part (record), the system creates a new record and maintains the old one so as to have an audit trail. So for each part that gets merged into a larger bucket, there is a duplicate record with some missing data (because of how we measure certain KPIs, null data fields are a huge red flag that results in hours of work to research and understand why).


      So the field that I need to manipulate is called the Disposition column.


      I can't seem to develop a rule that says "if a part is in more than one review, then the older reviews disposition is to be marked as "merged'"


      I could manipulate the query to only bring in records from the most recent reviews, but we need to see the true blank fields in order to find the true holes in the data quickly.





      Any help would be wonderful and most appreciated