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    Unsupported aggregations in data blending

    Samuel Gee



      I have a distributor dataset with product ships and returns (one report covering six months), and a retailer dataset with product retail sales and stock (covering the same six months but composed of a number of weekly reports).


      I've blended them based on the product barcode and created a view with


      + Sum of product ships and returns (returns are registered as negative values, so this sum just nets to a total shipped value, which is what I wanted)

      + Sum of retailer sales

      + Calculated field: (net of product ships - sum of retailer sales) = Our calculation of what stock they have on hand.


      I then wanted to see retailer reported stock, to calculate the discrepancies between what we calculate their on hand stock should be and what they report it to be.


      Retailers report existing stock every week though, so summing the measure is inappropriate as it will sum all 26 values.


      I tried to drag a field in to find only the most recent stock value:


      IIF([Week Beginning]={ FIXED :max([Week Beginning])},[Total Stock],null)


      But I got the error "cannot blend the secondary data source because one or more fields use an unsupported aggregation".


      I've read about datablending v1 and v2 in another post on here, but it hasn't practically helped me.


      Can anyone suggest a workaround?


      Thank you very much.