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    Help with large datasource size

    Rich Chen


      I have a large table in netezza for which I am currently doing a full refresh on this table in Tableau on a daily basis, as an extract (not live). It stores 2 years worth of transactional data, and was 200MM rows at the beginning of the year, will grow to about 400MM rows by end of the year, before resetting back to 200MM rows on 1/1/2018.


      The size of the table needed by the business is what it is, but I am finding that the size of the datasource on the server is growing , used to be 2-3GB, now its up to 6GB. This becomes 9GB-36GB when refreshing on the server, which I understand is normal behavior for an extract, but I am worried we will run out of space.


      Does anyone have any tips/tricks in order to try to keep the size of the extract as low as possible? I know incremental updates are possible, perhaps incremental once a day, then a full refresh on the weekend, but not sure if that'd help me fix the size of the datasource overall.