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    Comparing Date Periods

    Manuel Velasquez

      Hello all


      There are a few ways  to create date periods comparison in Tableau, in this dashboard (See attached), I've used for one view LOOKUP() function, and for the YTD comparison an IF ELSE statement combine with DATE functions





      Which one do you use in your day-to-day activities?

      Any considerations I should take?

      Which one is a better option for really big data sources?


      Thank you


      Manuel Velasquez

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          Matt Lutton

          1) It depends on what the user is wanting/requesting -- there are many, MANY ways to visualize these scernarios.  Some folks love to use parameters to let user pick dates or date ranges (or switch between MTD, YTD, etc. using a parameter).  All can be valid, it just depends on what the user needs to see and how well I know Tableau to apply a solution!

          2) Performance is always a consideration.  The # of marks in the bottom left corner tells you a lot about what Tableau is "drawing" on the screen -- the more marks, the slower the viz.  So, when I can create a table or view with only 4 marks rather than 4000000, I will do that every time for performance reasons.  There are many other factors that impact performance and whether this is usable as well, but that's a much larger discussion than can be had here.

          3) Again, it depends.


          I hope this is helpful, but if you're looking for more input, just let us know what the goal is and what you're trying to accomplish.  If its just feedback you're after, not a specific solution, then this thread might be better suited for Getting Started in the Forums or another space where the focus is not on answering specific problems or providing specific solutions (that's what most folks use this Forum for).


          You might also try a poll or post on LinkedIn or other spaces to get feedback.  Best wishes!


          Here's a great book in the meantime: Big Book of Dashboards


          There's a whole section on time-based analysis in the book above, and it is a great dashboarding book in general!

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            Manuel Velasquez

            Thank you, Matt,


            This is what I was looking: feedback, new approaches to handle these scenarios, performance considerations 

            I'll definitely check the resources you provided


            Thank you again!


            Manuel Velasquez