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    Data Missing from Quickbooks Online connection

    Adam Loesing

      Hi all,


      I recently started trying to run Quickbooks reports in Tableau using the direct connection. Unfortunately, I am getting almost nowhere with this because it appears that transaction descriptors that we use in Quickbooks are not being populated in Tableau.


      For instance, we rely heavily on a "Department" column in Quickbooks to identify which department an expense is associated with. Every month, each department has a wide variety of expenses identified in Quickbooks. In Tableau, then, I attempted to aggregate Sales and Expenses with Line Item Details by Department for the previous month. This view showed only one of our departments having any transaction data attached to it, and this amount was negligible. Most of the expenses were associated with "Null" or a blank category, and when checked against the data in Quickbooks, there should have been many more transactions attached to different departments.


      I am pretty comfortable with Tableau, but I have very limited experience in Quickbooks, so I don't know where to start in trying to uncover the origin of this miscommunication. Has anyone experienced a similar problem, or have any insight into whether I am doing something wrong here?



      -Adam L.