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    Cannot access tableau server URL.

    Karthik S


      Recently I installed Tableau 10.3.1 in my server machine and I created administrator page. The address for server page is http:\\localhost:8000 and I am able to login using this link on same server machine. But when I try to access the same server page from different machine in a browser using the address http:\\servername.domainname\ I am getting redirected  to IIS page attached below. Can someone explain me why this is happening? Is it port 8000 is an issue?

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          Sankarmagesh Rajan

          Hi Karthik


          if the server computer has Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) installed on it, then it's likely that IIS will already be configured to use port 80, which means that port won't be available for Tableau Server. Sure, you can configure Tableau Server to use a different port, like 8000. But that means that anytime your users connect to Tableau Server, they'll have to put that port number into the URL (http://your-server:8000/). You can see how this would pretty much guarantee a steady stream of emails to you about how to connect to Tableau Server. It's not pretty and it's not conducive to a data revolution. Best practice, therefore, is to make sure Tableau Server has the server computer all to itself.


          Enable firewall in tableau configuration window. if unchecked then we unable to login server from another machine.


          Select whether to open a port in Windows firewall. If you do not open this port, users on other machines may not be able to access the server.




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            Vishal Jethwa



            It could be something to do with your default page setting when you created the administrator site. Have a look here and see if it helps: IIS 7 - Problem with the default page : The Official Microsoft IIS Forums

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              Karthik S

              Hi Sankar,

              Already my port is 8000 and I tried http://myservername.domainname:8000/ in other computer browser having same network. But it shows the site can't be reached. But if I try the same method in the browser where the server machine is installed it works. Can you explain me why it doesn't work if I try in other laptops or machines?