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    Label on worksheet being truncated

    Joey Bloom

      Hello All,


      I have some information I want displayed. The information is in paragraph form so I have combined the different variables in a label and I display that on the worksheet. For some reason, my text is being truncated regardless of the view type (fit width, entire view, normal, etc.). I have attached a packaged workbook with a similar issue. Clicking on category "d" will highlight the problem while any other category (a,b, or c) will display fine.


      I have been working in Tableau 9.3 but the problem persisted when I tried opening it in Tableau 10.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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          Michael Gillespie

          Joey, as a general rule, you want to set your sizing parameters on both the individual worksheet AND on the dashboard container.  If you go to sheet 2, and set that viz to Entire View, then all your text will show up ON THAT WORKSHEET.  This allows the dashboard to control the display of the text rather than the worksheet, which is part of the issue right now.


          The problem, however, is when you get to your dashboard page, and I think you're running into some kind of physical limit within Tableau about what can be displayed.  That is a LOT of text, and Tableau is not primarily a text display tool.  It looks to me like there's some kind of hidden rule at play that won't allow you to do what you want.


          My question, of course, is why do you think you want to do that?  I'm sure you have a perfectly logical reason, but is there another way you could accomplish what you want (like not having all 3 cases in one huge text block)?  I don't know the specifics of your use case, so that may be a dumb question...

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            Joey Bloom

            No problem! I appreciate you taking the time to help.


            The text in the real dashboard displays information on incidents. So that includes problem description, business impacts, root cause analysis and resolution steps. The dashboard allows users to dig through very high level general data all the way to the actually incident. I want for a user to be able to click on an incident (in the case of my example, the category) and be able to read all the information on that incident.


            The problem only persists for cases that have a significant amount of text, and I see your point about Tableau not being a text display tool. I considered splitting the text into one sheet per topic but even so, certain texts still get truncated.

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              Michael Gillespie

              Well, you COULD attempt to create a bunch of calculated fields that parse out the data into separate columns, I suppose.  Then the chances of any one block of text being too large would be smaller, but likely not completely eliminated.  Do you have identifiable headers to the text blocks like in your sample data?


              Alternatively, you could maybe have a drill-down capability that would take a user to a single page with ONLY the text on it, and with a huge text field.  Not optimal, but maybe workable.

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                Deepak Rai

                If you use font as CALIBRI,8 Instead of ARIAL,8 you would get what you need for d. Use Standard size for Fit.


                In Dashboard


                In Sheet2



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                  Joey Bloom

                  I do have identifiers for each topic. I think I will try your suggestion and see if I can get anything to look the way I want.


                  Thanks again for the help!

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                    Michael Gillespie

                    Nice!  Simpler is better...