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    DATE Correction


      Hi Tableau Wizards,


      I have a problem I need to match the current year to date data to last years. I have datetrunc my data by only viewing the data of the current month when the next month starts therefore getting a overview of it but i need to do that for the year


      Current view


      Disired View



      So it matches the current to last


      Any Ideas

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          Ben Neville

          Hi Junaid - this one is pretty easy if you utilize the TODAY function. I'm assuming you only have data for completed months. In that instance, you wouldn't need to include this month, and you'd just need a calculated field. The logic would look something like below:

          MONTH([Generated Date]) < MONTH(TODAY())


          Just take this field and place it on your filters shelf, keeping TRUE values. The beauty is that this should dynamically work for every new month without you having to change any logic, as well as being a boolean calculation so it should be fairly performant.

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