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    runningviewing all records in dashboard from running total

    aylicia tay

      i've asked this in one of my replies in one of my threads but thought perhaps i can ask here for all experts' help=)


      this is regarding running total.  I have the following:

      - months in x axis: Jan to Dec etc

      - each month has a list of items' cost

      So, i did a running total/cummulative cal. Understand that in the dashboard, if i were to select either of the month, it only shows that particular month's data even though the value that it was plotted was an accummulated amount.  In other words, eg, in Jan, there were 3 items total costing $2000.  In Feb, there was only 1 item which costing $800.  In Mar, there were 2 items total costing $1500.  Upon selecting Mar, what was reflected on other worksheets in my dashboard was only Mar data to show what items are under the Mar record.

      Can I seek help on how can I reflect data from months prior to the month selected (Mar in this case)? Eg, when i select Mar bar in the chart, records/data of Jan Feb and March are reflected and not just to record/data of the month of May. sorry i dont have the source file as i cant disseminate due to sensitivity of info.

      Thank you! =)