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    Show Filter when a value is selected in another filter


      Hello All,


      I am curious to know if it is possible to setup a dashboard where the filters shows up only when a value is selected in another filter.


      Example - Hide sub-category if "ALL" is selected in Category Filter. when a user selects a specific value in the Category filter then show the filter for sub-category.


      Something like the below url however it uses the sheets and actions instead of filters. where country is visible only when a specific continent is selected and so on.


      Drill down alternatives


      It would be great to do something like this using filters. Please advise.


      Thank you!

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          Wim Kegels



          Unfortunately, this is not possible.  Filters are fixed.  What you could try, is cover them with a floating sheet, and clear that sheet when only one value is selected in the filter.



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            Alan Perez

            Hi Nataraj,


            To make the filters cascade, you must first have all the filters on one sheet, then check what your parent filter will be and put it in context, then in your dashboard for the second filter you must right click and put only relevant values


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              Joe Oppelt

              I think Wim and Alan address two halves of what needs to be done here.


              Nataraj doesn't want to see the cascaded filters if the main filter has ALL selected.  But if something less than ALL is selected, the Alan's cascading filters should display.


              There isn't a straightforward way to detect ALL, though.

              In the attached 10.1 example I did for a popping-and-swapping demo, I have a dashboard that displays one sheet if ALL continents are selected, and another sheet if anything less than all is selected.  And I pop out the less-than-all color legend for the second sheet to hide the legend for the ALL sheet when warranted.  Nataraj can use the same principle to hide the cascading filters (or to pop them out when needed.)


              To detect ALL vs less-than-all, go to the "All continents" sheet, and look at the [All or some] calc.  It looks at two LOD calcs that determine what ALL should be, and what is actually selected in the filter.  (This could all be embedded into one calc, but or demonstration purposes I have them separated to make it easier to compartmentalize the logic.)