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    One sheet two different data sources

    Daniel Sebring

      What I’m trying to do


      • The Data has two different teams – Team A & Team B. Within the teams leaders will be assigned to different accounts.
      • I’d like to be able to have a drop down filter of the two teams, then the user would in another drop down be able to see only the leaders within the specific team selected.


      1. Select Team A in the drop down

      imapge 1.jpg

      2. Now in a separate drop down I’ll see a new column called “Department Leaders” which I can filter to all the leaders on Team A.

      image 2.jpg

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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Daniel


          I took a look at your data and the way it is organized you don't have a field to tie the 2 data sources together -

          But I question if you need to - if you did not have the "Department" data source then your viz would look like this



          and by setting the filters to "Only Relevant Values" then the filters will work like you want - you can use either to filter the view





          I am on a different version of Tableau and you would not be able to open the book


          If you have other data about the department you are trying to like to the individual you will need to have a common field between the to data set that can serve as the join point


          Let me know if this helped


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            Daniel Sebring

            This works but I'm trying to cut down on the number of filters shown on the dashboard.  Was hoping to bring the department into the sheet as a dimension.  Then create a new calculated field dimensions with an IF THEN statement saying


            IF [Select Dept]='Marketing Intelligence' THEN [MI Leader]

            ELSEIF [Select Dept]='Marketing Research' THEN [Research Leader]

            ELSEIF [Select Dept]='Client Marketing' THEN [CM Leader]

            ELSEIF [Select Dept]='Targeting' THEN [Targeting Leader]


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              Jim Dehner

              Understand but you will need a field that is in each of your data source so you can join them - as you stated the problem there isn't such a field -

              So at this time you can't write the formula because the 2 data sources don't relate to each other -

              if you can add a field to the primary source Department and fill the field with the team designation and then pivot the data around the customer and team name you would have some way to tie the 2 data sets together