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    Ranking on most recent log date

    Marc-Anthony Di Biase



      I am currently analyzing time logs, and would like to create a cross tab of the 5 customers each employee has worked for recently. The attached workbook is a condensed version of the full, sensitive data - but has a basic structure that is reflected in the complete data set. Basically, I want to take the most recent log date for each employee across all customers they have worked on and only show the top 5 most recent customers they have done work for.


      An example of the output for Jim would be 1 - Capital, 2 - Plexxis, 3 - Marel and for Rob 1 - Plexxis, 2 - Bolton. The end result will be filtered to only an individual employee.


      I have tried using a ranking filter based on log date but have been unsuccessful so far.