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    Min, Median, Max of Sum[Sales]

    Krishna Sishtla

      I have 3 main fields in my data : Campaign Name, Campaign Day and Sales.

      Campaign Name: A, B, C, D, E, F

      Campaign Day: 1,2,3,4,5,...10

      I have created SUM[Sales]  by Campaign Name and Campaign Day.

      I want to plot lines of the MIN, MEDIAN and MAX of SUM[Sales] across the Campaigns (Name) by Campaign Day.

      When I use WINDOW functions, I am getting the correct aggregates (Min, Max and Median) across the Campaigns by Day but they are getting repeated for each of the Campaign Names. I get 6 blocks of same values corresponding to the 6 Campaigns. I need only one block out of the 6. So I had to hide 5 Campaigns and display only one Campaign. But if I filter on the Campaign Name, then I wouldn't know which one to hide beforehand.

      I hope there is an easy fix to this so that I can display only only block of aggregated values and not hide anything.

      The measures have WINDOW_MIN, WINDOW_MEDIAN and WINDOW_MAX of SUM[Sales].

      I am afraid I can't attach the workbook.