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    Combine parts of a worksheet

    Spencer Ray

      I have two worksheets that show different things. One shows calls, the other shows bookings. Unfortunately since they're coming from two different tableau server data sources I can't join them and show them in one worksheet. I only have the option of blending and that doesn't have the data show correctly. I've taken some screen shots but am unable to attach a workbook.


      This is what I get on the two individual worksheets:




      This is what I get when I try to blend the data:




      As you can see it give me the right format and the correct Bookings and Grand Total USD but the calls Answered, Abandoned, and Offered are completely wrong, they're just a sum of all the calls instead of just the selected campaign. I can change which data source is the primary source and it will swap so that the call info will be correct but the Bookings and Grand Total USD will then be incorrect.


      What I would like is to have all 5 measure value columns showing for each campaign instead of 3 on one worksheet and 2 on another. Is there a way to link the two workbooks so that this is possible?

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          Galen Busch

          Hi Spencer,


          Based on the layout, it looks like your blend criteria is incomplete.

          Navigate to Data>Edit Relationships.
          Here you will see what fields you are blending on. I'm guessing your month and day are blended, and your campaign name is not being blended. Add your campaign field to your blend logic (custom blend, select the correct campaign field from each source.)

          If that doesn't work, happy to assist further!

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            Spencer Ray

            You're absolutely right. I had forgotten that I could blend based on a calculated field. Thank you so much!


            Once I turned that on it was working almost perfectly. There's just one little annoyance. As you can see on the 19 and 20 there were calls for Campaign 2 but no bookings for Campaign 2. Since there were no calls they're not showing up on the Break Out. If I expand the date range to include a date where there was a booking it will then show all of the calls. If this made sense, do you know why this may be and how to fix it.