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    Tableau Server Refresh of WDC not working

    Radu Lucaciu



      I am having issues getting Extracts working, namely that it gets stuck in the In Process state, stays like that for 7200 seconds then it's cancelled as seen in the following screenshot.


      It's not a question of priority since this is the only workbook on the server -I am out of ideas of what's going on.


      The WDC works on Tableau Desktop, it does not require explicit authentication (we have a token embedded in the twb file that's automatically used), it takes about 15 seconds to refresh the data and yet on Server it hangs.


      What I've done is


      • made sure that the WDC url is white listed
      • made sure that any other urls our WDC is accessing is whitelisted as secondary access (as per https://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/server/en-us/tabadmin_cmd.htm#whitelist_wdc )
      • The WDC should access another server to retrieve some data - we are checking the target server's logs and we see that Tableau Server is not making any requests through the WDC.
      • I downloaded a snapshot of the logs from Tableau Server but cannot see anything abnormal in there either


      Any ideas on how to debug this issue would be much appreciated.

      Thank you,