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    Worker Initialization Failed Error: Error processing template pg_hba.conf.templ

    Vishal Jethwa

      Hi All,


      Let me outline what I am trying to do, I currently have 2 development machines hosted by a single provider. Both machines have 250GB space with 8 vCPUs and 32GBs RAM, we use a core based licence. I've installed Tableau Server 10.3.1 on both machines (one is a worker) and tried to configure it as below:


      But when I click okay on the configuration window, I get told to look at the tabadmin.log file, and see this on the last line:

      Error processing template pg_hba.conf.templ

             java.net.UnknownHostException: instance-30981


      Below is what I have done but still getting problems:



      Any Ideas would be great, literally tearing my hair out. Jeff Strauss Toby Erkson Tom W Do you guys have any idea what might be wrong?