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    HANA Connectivity Issue - Variables

    Craig G

      I have been using Tableau to analyze date from SAP HANA for quite some time now. Recently, to circumvent the fact that Tableau does not yet support unions of HANA tables, I have been using a work around to join two HANA tables to a single text file to create a false union. It works very nicely, but does have one issue I have come across that I am wondering if anyone else has faced or has a solution for.


      The data sources are joined as follows:



      When initially joining HANA Table 1, I do get the full compliment of options in the drop down (Variables, Reset Table Name, Duplicate, Remove). However, once I add a second data source, I lose the Variables option on the first data source. Not only do I lose the option, it appears to forget my selections. This does not occur if I am simply joining multiple HANA tables.


      Anyone have any ideas? I have tried to recreate many times, even in new files, and I run into the same issue.