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      I would like to know if a data must be a field (a column header) to become a filter?
      In my data source I have the form respondents profile and the answers they gave to the questions. I need to do graphics of the answers, of the profile and also of the answers compared by profile. Ex.: I need to filter by Gender, but i also need to filter by Male and/or Female. And I need the graphics to be dynamic and respond to each other.

      The form is big and creates too many columns, so I must pivot it. But when I do that, I get trouble in building filters.
      How should I prepare my data source? 

      Is there a way to build filters (as single value dropdown cards) from groups (or sets, or parameters, or calculated fields) made from the pivoted information?
      Or is there a way to build a filter (as single value dropdown cards) by using multiple fields (gender, age, ethnicity, etc.)?