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    Best practice for publishing Workbook with multiple data sources


      I've been thinking about this one for a while.  Let's say I have a Workbook with 10 data sources.  Within that WB, I want to publish only one Dashboard.  This DB only connects to one of the ten data sources.  When I publish the WB to Server, Tableau will publish all 10 data sources (let's just say embedded).  When I schedule the extract refreshes for the Workbook, I assume Tableau Server will refresh all 10 data sources even though the Dashboard only needs to refresh one of them.


      If I'm correct in my assumptions above, then wouldn't that be a large waste of resources?  Is best practice to create a new workbook for each dashboard assuming that they use different data sources?  In the case above, I would have to create 10 workbooks which seems a bit silly.  Especially silly if the data is related to a similar topic. 


      Hope this makes sense, trying to avoid refreshing data for no reason.