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    Book Recommendations

    Taylor Pinsent


      There were a few books mentioned at the last Portland, Oregon user group meeting about data visualization/analytics and Tableau. Did anyone catch the titles?





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          Justin Larson

          There are two heavyweight names in the visualization space most people know: Edward Tufte and Stephen Few. Both have written a number of books. I think every one that was named at the Tableau event was from one of these two.


          Edward Tufte has been around for decades and is a bit esoteric, but makes for an interesting read. More like taking a college class on the theory of visualization. (He's also pretty arrogant in person, from what I've heard.)


          Stephen Few is much more about pragmatic uses of visualization. He does get into the neuroscience of it a bit to talk about things like precognitive recognition and whatnot, but more as a means of getting to the best practices of what to do and not do with visualization.


          Both have several books, but my favorites from those two were Show Me the Numbers (Stephen Few) and The Visual Display of Quantitative Information (Edward Tufte). The former because it could be construed as a manual for BI front end work, and the latter because there are some great stories demonstrating the power of visualizations throughout history. Solution to the cholera epidemic in early 19th century stands out.