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    Add text to crosstab

    Alex Martino

      Hello. I have a crosstab with one measure. How can I add "text" to the crosstab. For example if it says 126 I would like to add "days" to the end.

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          Ben Neville

          You should have a measure field on Text. All you need to do is click on Text, the ellipsis next to the popup (...) and then type whatever you like in the box. You likely have SUM([SomeMeasureHere) or something similar - just type "days" after that.

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            Galen Busch

            Hi Alex,


            I might recommend approaching this as a string.

            Create a new calculated field - let's call it "Measure with Days"



            STR(SUM([Days])) + ' Days'


            Where SUM() is your aggregation, and [Days] is the field returning the number of days.


            Give this a shot, put it on your viz, and you should be set!