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    Cross-Tab Conditional Formatting

    Marc-Anthony Di Biase

      I have a large cross-tab populated with a break down of each employee's hourly breakdown based on certain metrics. My requirement is to display more detail on certain fields when they are clicked, however the details that should be displayed change based on the selection. See below,




      The fields I would like to filter into are %new customer, %existing customer and %overhead. When I click into %new customer or %existing customer it should populate a sheet that breaks down which customers have been taking up a certain employees time. When I click into %overhead I want to see a sheet that breaks down the employee's time logs, day by day, in which they contributed towards overhead.


      I thought about breaking up this cross tab into two separate sheets, splitting them up at %overhead, then triggering two different filter actions on two different sheets in the same dashboard - which would work. However, thinking about scalability of the dashboard - as new employees are added eventually, the sheet will not be able to contain all employee names and will need a scroll bar to view all data. This creates an issue, because if the user were to scroll on the left side of the split, the data on the right side would not reflect the transition, therefore resulting in mis-matched data.


      Basically, my question is as follows - is there a way, other than splitting my cross tab into different sheets, to drill down into my three dimensions but have two different types of resulting views?