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    What is the best way to output a summarised result (transition data) so that another workbook can retrieve/extract it?

    Christopher Lee

      Would like to seek some advice on this requirement.


      I have a workbook 1 to read a file (be it a local Excel file or a SQL file) and generate a summarised total (by categories). I have another workbook (workbook 2) to read another file and generate a similar summarised total from it. How do I store these 2 sets of totals so that my third workbook can retrieve from them to generate and show the grand totals of these 2 sets of data?


      Running on Desktop version, I could manually output the summarised totals to 2 local files (.mdb) and let the third workbook to read from them.  But, how do I automate this process?


      If I move forward by publishing all the workbooks to (the same) Tableau server, where should the 2 sets of summarised totals be stored and in what available file format so that the third workbook which is already published in the Tableau server can retrieve from?


      Thank you.