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    Conditional Formatting

    Prakash A



      I have created a couple of dashboards for my Revenue and Pipeline data. The first dashboard is a cross tab with Customers in Rows and Products in Columns for Revenue. The second dashboard is similar to the first one, but with Pipeline data.


      I am trying to see which of my current customers are having what sort of pipeline by using the below link to do the conditional formatting.


      Conditionally Formatting Cell Background Color | Tableau Software (First video). Now by doing this I am facing below issues.


      1. Currently where there is no revenue for any customer for a given product, but there exists a pipeline, the cell for that combination doesn't get colored stating that a pipeline exists. This is because the cell is blank. If I use the ZN function to replace blanks with "0", then it slows down the workbook performance and eats up whole of my system memory (The data is more than 100,000 rows). Please see screenshots - "Revenue" and "Pipeline" attached. The revenue image for that cell is not colored as the cell is blank under "other...", but there is a pipeline for that customer with the same product as "other ....", hence the cell should have been colored indicating a pipeline.


      2. Where there is revenue, but no pipeline, then the colored cells eclipses the borders as these cells are colored as white. Please see cells with values - 1787, 1242, 1189. As there is no pipeline, the borders have been eclipsed with white color which is for indicating no pipeline.


      I cannot attach the workbook due to confidential data. I hope the attached images will work.


      Please let me know if there are other ways to overcome the above issues.