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    Aggregate Row Problem in IF Formula

    Ben Topper

      Hi All,


      I've got the following Tableau table which is based off the following data in excel

      I want to display the sum of the "measure" column, unless Dimension 1 = A and Dimension 2 = X, in which case it should add 1 (i.e. get 7).


      I tried a formula which says:


      IF [Dimension 1] = "A" AND [Dimension 2] = "X"

      THEN [Measure] + 1

      ELSE [Measure]



      But this gives me 9 instead of 6 because Tableau adds 1 to each of the three rows in the database.


      I tried ... THEN SUM([Measure]) + 1 .... but this tells me that I can't mix aggregate and non-aggregate results in an if formula.


      I've created a simple packaged workbook to illustrate the problem.