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    Issue with url links in advanced alerts not containing https

    Judith Lanzo


      Using VizAlerts 2.0,

      I am successfully able to generate advanced alerts.  My Tableau Server environment is set up to use ssl.  However when the alerts send a url it does not contain https: in the url string and therefore clicking the link creates and error.  If I manually change the http to https the link works.  I do have server.ssl set to true in the vizalert.yaml.  Is there something else I may be missing in the configuration or a way to insure the urls include https in them?  I currently have the certcheck set to false.  When I set it to true, and created a pem file from the crt used for ssl, I received an [SSL:
      error.  Is this required to get the url links to use https:?  If so is there advice on how to get the desired pem? if not any other advice?


      Thank you.