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    Map disappears when selecting a certain amount of points

    Tim Mohr



      I'm using Tableau at my job. We started using the Desktop version but are switching to Server as of now.

      I pushed all the data on the server and its up and running. We encountered one problem though:


      We are map reliant and I adopted an Excel file by Alex Kerin (Richard Leeke's New Version of (Concentric) Circles post from 30.04.2012) which shows us different circles on the map (since Tableau does not offer this feature) based on some data.

      It is supposed to look like this (left side) but when I select a certain amount of points it turns out like this (right side):


      When I select up to 17 Points it is working as planned. Somehow the map disappears when I choose more than 17 points. The weird thing is: It depends on which points are selected. That means, that there are cases where I picked up to 26 points until it starts disappearing.

      I know a lot of data is used in this project, but it seems odd to me that there is some kind of cutoff when the map stopps working. We are using a Mapbox Map but even with Tableau integrated maps there is this cutoff.


      Is this a data overflow problem or a bug in the Software?


      Greetings from Germany