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    Evolution of customers through a range of date

    Jugurtha Bouaziz

      Hello everyone,


      I'm facing a small issue in Tableau. I'm trying to study my customers over months. In fact, I got a dataset that's displaying IDs of them in front of the month they are attached to like this:

      1January 2017
      2January 2017
      1February 2017
      2February 2017
      4February 2017
      1March 2017
      2March 2017
      4March 2017
      5March 2017
      6March 2017
      7March 2017
      8March 2017


      What I want to do is to display in a graph chart , for each month (or maybe year idk yet but being able to compare two dates or study a range) , that showing from the current number of IDs, the percentage that are new and the percentage that is already an user from past month.


      I can't give you the set but i'm just looking for a thing that seem very simple in Excel but can't find an easy way to do it on tableau.


      Thanks in advance !

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          Wim Kegels



          what you basically need is a way to determine whether a customer has a previous date.  To do this, create a calculated field that checks, on a customer level, what their lowest month is:


          { FIXED [Customer ID]: MIN([Month])}


          compare that to the current value, and you'll see which customers are new and which ones already existed.  Use a table calculation to get percentages of total.


          Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 15.11.20.png


          Good luck!