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    Data aggregation and conditional sums

    Timothy Dalton


      I'm working with sales data and trying to do an analysis for which I am only planning to take into account existing products.

      I could not figure out how to implement such conditionality - using calculated fields or window sums etc.


      Data structure is as follows


      Product ID     Year     Volume

      100                 2015     1

      120                 2014     3

      120                 2015     2

      120                 2016     6

      130                 2014     3

      130                 2015     3


      I only want the sum of volume for products which have volumes in every year between 2014-2015-2016, so I need to get the 3+2+6 and Product 100 listed here.


      How do I go about it?


      Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks a ton!