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    Gantt with Different Shapes for Milestone Markers

    Frank Py

      I have an example gantt that uses a bar-in-bar. I have one sheet that uses a dual axis in order to plot milestones from the measures shelf. The milestone dates are converted to number so they can plot against my date axis in the columns.


      The problem is, I can't find a way to use a different shape for each of the milestones markers and also have their own measures shelf, as all the current values are being grouped into one measure values section. In the attached case, the milestones are MS1, MS2 and MS3. I also want to do this so each milestone can have their own tool tip.


      Another reason I want separate measure shelves is that I want the bar-in-bar gantt to represent two measures (project duration and committed duration), and then the other measures to be shapes represented on top of the gantt bars as markers.


      My workbook is attached. Any help appreciated.