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    Tableau server refresh data suddenly stopped working

    Sha Cheng

      I have published a workbook and a live data source (SQL server procedure with parameters) to tableau server, it worked fine to see data changes by pressing the refresh button. However, the data suddenly stopped refreshing in a meeting when we made a few changes on the data and everyone (7 of us) were all trying to refresh data, no new data was showing. The strange thing is if we change the parameter to a new value which has not been used before, it shows the changed data. I assume it triggered a new query and got the latest data. It got worse by the second round of all of us refreshing data together, most of our refreshes were left hanging. Both issues finally got resolved after we stopped the server and restarted it. I wonder is there a limitation which caused tableau server to cache data temperamentally then stopped responding? Thanks.

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          Does appending  ?:refresh=y to the end of the URL of the Tableau Server view allow for the data to refresh as expected? Appending ?:refresh=y to the URL will have the connection skip the cache of the Tableau Server.


          Additionally, possibly the below might help as well, from: General Performance Guidelines


          • VizQL clear session: By default, VizQL sessions are kept in memory even when a user navigates away from a view. This consumes a good deal of session memory. Instead, you can end sessions when users move away from a view by changing the value of the vizqlserver.clear_session_on_unload setting to true (the default is false).



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