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    Handle line chart with date axis by "Exact Date" when have multiple values for that date/time?

    Karen Clark

      I have some data that is aggregated at the server every 60 seconds or so. I look at that data, row by row, and use a count of users. Data looks like this:


      user count
      12017-07-01 12:00:3999472
      22017-07-01 12:01:3999800
      32017-07-01 12:02:01103490
      42017-07-01 12:02:01103489
      52017-07-01 12:02:3999521


      This is charted in Tableau with timestamp as exact date/time on the x-axis, and user count as the y-axis, producing a count of users over time.


      However, occasionally there are multiple values for a single timestamp (i.e. rows 3 and 4 above). That causes the data point for that exact date value to drop to 0 because Tableau doesn't know what to do with a result of * in the chart. This makes my team confused - why did we have 100K users and then 0 users?!


      Ideally, I'd instruct Tableau to give me the MAX(user count) for the exact date, when it has a choice of many, but I'm not sure how to control that.


      Any advice?