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    Left join with tables from different data sources

    Mattia Balzarini

      Hi guys,

      I'm facing the following issue.


      I got 2 tables, the first is in Postgre SQL and the second in google sheets.


      I am joining them on "Id" and i have date fields I need to match as well.

      In the Postgre I got "Orderdate" of my transactions. In google sheets I have promotions with 2 columns: one with "Date Start" of promotion and second with "Date End" of it.


      Now, I had similar situation with 2 tables(both on postgre) and while left joining tableau was giving the possibility to mark orderdate >= > < <= and so on instead of just usual =

      While now for some reason I have only the possibility of = between the dates. Convert to SQL is not an option as it is not available when data sources are different.


      The image below, show the case in which this was possible with the 2 tables from Postgre


      Got any idea why this time I cannot place order date > or < then the other date fields? is it because the data sources are different? Or maybe date format from google spreadsheet is not compatible with the one from postgre? (both are date & time Data Type)


      Thanks in advance for your help