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      HI community,

      I have a problem with Action , i need if i click in sheet  1, it shows me 2 sheets  A , B related with the sheet 1 AND hide de 4 others  C,D,E,F , and if i click in sheet 2 , shows me the sheet C,D and hide A,B,E,F and so on

      AND the problem with title that hide or appears in parallel with sheet

      Any help

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          Joe Oppelt

          Mariam -- I did something like that for someone in this thread:


          Overlapping worksheets in a dashboard


          Click on one sheet, and its associated sheet pops out.  Click on another sheet, and the first associated sheet disappears and a new associated sheet pops out.


          The example in that thread in 9.3, so if you are on that version or higher, you can open it.  See Dashboard 4 in that example.  The answer to that thread describes a progression of steps I took from that user's original dashboard to the solution.


          Hint:  I used an extra data source (also attached to that thread) to control the popping.

          Take a look at that and we can discuss how to apply the principles to your workbook.  (If we need to discuss your workbook, it will be helpful for me to have a copy of it so I can show you things directly.)

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            Joe Oppelt

            I received your workbook.


            This isn't really going to be like the referenced thread because you can simplify how you will do this.


            Because of proprietary issues, I have emailed a modified workbook back to you instead of attaching it here.


            In the workbook I created Dashboard 2.  I displayed the parameter [KPI] on the dashboard.  For now it's in the center at the top of the dashboard.  Use that instead of the three little sheets you made.


            Because we are now using the parameter, we don't need actions at all.


            I did the 3 historique sheets for you.  Here is what I did.


            For each sheet I added a calc that looks at the value of the parameter.  See [Display KPI?] calc.  Put that on each sheet as a filter and have it work for only the appropriate value.  For instance, edit the sheet, Evolution historique -prime, and see how it works there.  Change values of the parameter.  You will see that it will only display when the parameter is "Prime".  I did that for all 3 historical sheets.


            Then on Dashboard 2 I added a floating container and dragged those three sheets into it.  To do successful sheet swapping you have to hide the titles.  I'll get to the title in a minute.  In that container, only one sheet will display at a time for the selected parameter value.  Play with it on the dashboard and see how it looks.  We have to hide titles of sheets when we do sheet swapping because Tableau displays the title even if the sheet is empty if we have selected Show Title.


            You will do the same for the Evolution de cumulé sheets.


            The sheet titles are hidden.  To get a dynamic title I added a text box positioned above the floating container for historique.  You can display a parameter value in a text box, and that's what I did here.


            You can do the same for Evolution de cumulé.


            In your other thread, describe to me what you are looking to do with dates and I can help you using this workbook.