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    Workbook refresh with Tableau source and embedded sources


      Hi All,

      I have a workbooks (.twbx) with couple of dashboards. One of the dashboards are sources from a Tableau server based source. Others are coming from extracted sources embedded in the packaged workbook.

      Now my question here; If I were to refresh the workbook, will the Tableau based source be refreshed as well. OR will it refresh in the schedule set for it?




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          Wilson Po

          Hi Rahul,

          It will attempt to refresh just the embedded datasources.  As the published data source is managed separate form the workbook; the refresh schedule is not applied to these data connections because there might be reasons why a global data connection should update with the workbook.  Since shared data sources are designed for more global use;  aligning the data update based off individual workbook settings may not make much sense for other users.  Instead published data connections are designed to update only with schedules applied directly on it;  they are not impacted and refreshed based off workbook refresh schedules.  

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