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    Compare two dynamic date range - Create a calculate field to rank date

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      I am trying to compare two dynamic date range like above, but I am not able to make the orange line and the blue line start at the same starting time like above. I was thinking if I can rank them into period then I should be able to get the two line start at the same period.

      For example:

            the Blue line: Jan will be 1, Feb will be 2, and Mar will be 3 and April will be 4

            the Orange line: Sep will be 1, Oct will be 2, Nov will be 3 and Dec will be 4


      Link for the file: Tableau Public


      I have a DateTrunc column in the underlying data detail, if create a new calculated field to convert the DateTrunc into numbers like below, I should be able to make it work. Thanks!!!