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    Data Pane not showing up in Sample Superstore

    Maria Salazar

      Hi I'm following tutorials to learn how to work in Tableau with calculated fields with the link below.


      Example – Creating a Calculated Field


      It says that I need to access the Data Pane, but in the desktop version I do not see the Data or Analytics tabs and I can't figure out how to bring them up. All I see is a Dashboard section where the Data/Analytics tabs should show.


      Can someone help?



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          Tom W

          You are looking at a dashboard. A dashboard doesn't have any data associated with it, it's just a container for other sheets.

          The data and calcs etc live within a worksheet, which you can see the names for in the pane in the top left.

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            Srinidhi Narayan

            As Tom said - you need to be in a sheet to access the data pane.  Select either the "performance" or "Forecast" tabs from the tab choices below.   That should give you the data pane.   


            Typically, once a sheet is included in a dashboard, it is usually best practice to "hide" the sheet from the tabs to manage clutter.  You can access the same sheet from the dashboard, if you see the left side you will see a list of sheets being used, you can right click one of them and select "go to sheet" .