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    Unusual Tableau Data Engine Error - 40352 on TDE file

    Sagar Agarwal

      Hi All,


      I created a TDE file using Alteryx Server (of about 2.5GB, 900mn rows). When I try to open up the file in Tableau Desktop (after copying it locally on my system), I am unable to connect to it. I get the below error which, unfortunately, I have never seen before. I have all the access rights and privileges (against what is mentioned in the error info)

      Has anyone else faced this error or is aware of any resolution for this?





      Thank you


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          Hi Sagar Agarwal,


          The 40352 error usually occurs when an antivirus program or firewall has blocked an executable that it doesn't recognize.

          To verify this, create an exception in any antivirus or firewall application for both Tableau.exe and TDEserver64.exe. Then re-launch Tableau. If the ability to create or edit exceptions is not available, the local IT team should be able to assist in configuring this.

          Please let me know if this was able to resolve the issue, or if the error persists.



          Lénaïc RIÉDINGER, Global Community Engineer Tableau

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