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    How can I create cumulative sales units by week using the calculated field?

    Jac Hollingsworth
      • I want to create a single pill which calculates specific sell-through (%) each week over time at a line or category-level.
      • My Sell-Through calculation is:

      (cumulative sales units from start of season / (cumulative sales units from start of season + current stock))

      • My table currently includes:

      Product description, category, price, a sales value, stock level & week number on the same line

      (please see sample data sheet to see how data is formatted)


      • I want to plot sell-through using the calculation above by week, by line or aggregation of category
      • As I don’t have cumulative sales by week in the data – I guess I need to calculate this in the in Tableau – this is where I need help.
      • I know how to calculate cumulative sales using table calc. (running totals) but can’t figure it out using calculated field