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    Data Source Migration

    Rahul Shetty



      I'm trying to migrate a datasource created with SQL Server Username and Password from one Dev Tableau Server(10.3) to another Prod(10.3) Tableau Server by automatically updating data source connection of SQL server credentials.


      Things Achieved - I could accomplish this task using a combination of Client Server API(A wrapper for Rest API,python) and Rest API(hard coded from postman for the database connection part as it is not possible to complete this task in Client Server API)


      Things to be changed - What is the best way to go about this process?


      Description of the issue: Can we automate the process to have a single platform script, I would like to have the code in one platform entirely(either Client Server API or REST API), the main task is to automate the hard coded database connection part in python or do the entire process using Rest API.I'm unsure if this can be done and what is the best way to go about this task.Any help is appreciated.Thanks


      Using Client Server API entirely,I'm able to push a datasource from one server to another but I'm not able to point to the other machine's SQL Server credentials(Update Datasource connection in the code), so test connection is failing in this case.