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    Trouble adding URL Action

    Mike Ward

      I'm trying to add a link in a worksheet to a web address. My X Axis is a the week, and my Y is the score. I'd like for when someone clicks on the bar for the web page to open to the corresponding weekly summary. I can get the link to go to Google, but if I try to insert the link location from my data the URL action no longer shows. I can get it to Test properly (goes to the Week 1 link), but it's not visible when interacting with the worksheet.


      Data structure below:

      Week #Letter GradeGrade PointsLocation


      Link to Tableau Online workbook:

      Tableau Public


      I must be missing something. I did read that there might be difficulty in using secondary or blended data, so that's why there are 2 "Location" fields from different tabs. I thought that could be interfering but I couldn't get it to work either way. I am lost.


      Not sure if this matters, but data is in Google sheets, letter grade is input as text, grade points references a lookup to insert the score. Link is manually input from the weekly post.