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    Tableau Server Trial  Version

    mayank jain

      We are currently running Tableau 10.1 and thinking to upgrade it to latest version.

      also we are spinning up a new instance of Tableau and will need to install Tableau server on the new server, migrate the reports, etc

      In this new instance both the sql  server DB(its data source) and the tableau server itself will live on the same server.

      We are trying to combine both server and make it a bigger/more powerful server(powerful configuration). I know both Tableau Server and SQL Server are designed for dedicated hosting. But since we do not have much data and extracts to refresh we are thinking to combine both and test if it works.


      So my question is when migrating Tableau server do we will need to deactivate the server license ? correct

      but  if we only have 1 Tableau server license, will we not be able to have these servers in parallel?

      Ideally we want to have parallel environments


      So, Can we get a trial licenses of Tableau server

      then technically we can install trial license

      then when we are ready to go. We deactivate from current server

      and apply the license to new one ?


      For how long we can use the trial version of Tableau server ? We have 70 tableau users. and we have user based license.