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    Calculating completion % per quarter




      I am trying to calculate the % of projects completed in each quarter as a line graph.

      Each project has 2 activities - a1 and a2. If both a1 and a2 are completed, the project is completed.

      The quarter is determined based on the planned end date.


      The answers would be,

      Q1 has 3 projects in total and 2 are completed (A&E)

      Q2 has 1 project in total and 1 is completed (F)

      Q3 has 1 project in total and 0  is completed

      Q4 has 1 project in total and 1 is completed (D)

      I have calculated the projects that have completed and the total number of projects with help from this forum.

      But I am not sure how to graph it as % representation.


      Appreciate any guidance!


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          Please see if the attached may be a start for you.

          I think you were most of the way there.


          You can get the project status, as you had done

          { FIXED [Proj] : SUM ( [a1status] ) } + { FIXED [Proj] : SUM ( [a2status] ) }

          (I don't think you need to include [Activity] here)


          Then you can count the number of projects completed as:

          SUM ( IF [ProjectStatus1] = 2 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END )


          And the total projects as
          COUNTD(Proj)If you want to include Project C as a project even though it doesn't have Activity a2,



          SUM ( IF { FIXED [Proj] : COUNTD ( [Activity] ) } = 2 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END )


          Which is saying, if a project has two activities, then count it.


          Then your percentage should be the quotient of the two.



          There may be some benefit in just having one column for the

          activity status, instead of a1status and a2status.

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