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    Reference Lines - any way to remove caption?

    Jeffrey Kritzman

      This comes up from time to time - sometimes my reference lines are built on very ad hoc calculations in order to make it look right.  Is there any way to hide the caption? 


      For instance, sometimes I add in reference lines to break up years on a continuous line graph (I do it this way so I don't have to break the line).  To make this look right on a quarterly graph, I need reference lines that are 15 days before the beginning of the year.  This looks great, but the caption is odd and confusing for users.  Anyone have any tips?



      Obviously the calculation name can be cleaned up - I may even change it to be " ".  But then it'll say "Minimum  = 5/20/2015", which is still odd & confusing.  I can't really attach a workbook, as the data is confidential.  Hopefully this issue shouldn't be too idiosyncratic...