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    How to analyze spreadsheet on chunks/clusters of 10 and 20 records

    Isaac Briseno

      Hello All,


      I'm new to Tableau, I'm using Desktop version 10 and I have attached a spreadsheet that I need to analyze


      It contains 72 stock trades and I need to chart the Average "Trade Grade" (column K) but for each chunk/cluster of 10 and another chart for 20 records


      So for example using chunks of 10 rows there would be a chart with 8 trade grades (7 chunks of 10, 1 chunk of 2 = 72 trades split in 8 chunks)

      And using chunks or cluster of 20 records there would be 4 trade grades   (3 chunks of 20, 1 chunk of 12)


      The criteria for splitting the data would be the Entry Date (column E)


      The .xls keeps being updated, next week it might have another 15 trades added and the information would need to be clustered differently because now there would be 87 trades instead of 72


      Any pointer in the right direction would be helpful


      Thanks and Regards,